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This Scorecard has been designed to show entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses their blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve.

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Check Your Score for the 5 High-Impact Categories in Your Business


Discover what effects the lead flow and the quality


Learn what effects the health of business conversions 


Identify if your product ecosystem allows you to grow your business


Discover if your pricing is set up to allow you to retain a healthy profit

Profit Margin

Identify if all your hard work allows you to keep what you've generated

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How Does It Work?

Know Your Next Right Step...

The Business Profit Scorecard focuses on the five key areas of business growth so you know what to work on next, and how to do it.

It will quickly and accurately show you, how well you're doing in the areas below, as well as what to do to improve performance in each.

Your report shows you exactly where your greatest strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are:

  • Do you generate enough quality leads?
  • What effects are your conversions?
  • Is your pricing structured correctly?
  • Is your product ecosystem build for profit?
  • Do you leave profit on the table?
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